Saturday, January 21, 2012

Love is the answer

Love is the answer...

You are seeking love through your every act.  Every human being is seeking for love through their every act.

If you trace through all your behavior or the behavior of the people, what are they looking for?  They are looking for love.  That's the ultimate, that's the greatest of all progress.  It is love.  Our life is getting far too complex, and the reason of no one being happy is because the lack of love.

By practicing love you affect every atom in the universe.  You affect every person whether they realize it or not, because you're invoking the most powerful power.

Love is the answer to all problems.  Whatever the problem is, if you just apply love to the fullest extent possible, and succeed, the problem will drop immediately.  Just know that everything is fine, everything is alright and just feel love and everything is alright and the problem resolve itself.

The power and effect of love is obvious, just try it, apply it and you will like it.  Trust me!

With love,

your friend Gia